‘Moscow Mitch’ McConnell must be stopped

Ladies, this column is for you. I have two daughters and what I’m writing about is nothing that my daughters haven’t heard from me before.

Sisters, you never know who you’ll fall in love with. Most women want a “good” man. But what is a good man?

Well, an intelligent man will open your mind; a handsome man will open your eyes; and a gentleman will open your heart!

Honesty is critical

No man or woman is perfect. But if a man is honest with you, you can deal with almost any situation as long as you know what’s really going on.

Honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, productivity, integrity, morality and other characteristics are not necessarily the first things that many women consider when evaluating potential suitors, boyfriends and spouses.

When women discuss men with each other, you might have heard questions like, “What kind of car does he drive? Where does he work? Where does he live?”

Don’t worry

I told my daughters don’t worry about the car. Concern yourself with the man inside the car.

Don’t worry about the job. Concern yourself with whether the man can provide, protect and perform.

Don’t worry about where the man lives. Concern yourself with how he lives and how you’ll live together once you get together. A man can have a house, but he needs a woman to make it a home!

Kissing the glass

Some women prefer to date thugs. I’ll be the last writer to tell women who to relate to, but the thugs I know like THOTs (“Them Hoes Over There”).

Who wants to seek a romantic moment on a date to the trap house? Who wants to plant a kiss on the plexiglass shield at the jailhouse? And who wants to raise the kids alone when the guy you’re attracted to is never at home?

A good man will never put his woman in danger. Only a fool would demand that his woman jump in the car to go on a drive-by shooting with him.

When you suggest that your man should kill someone that hit on you at the mall, a plethora of terrible things can happen afterwards.

Life is a double-edged sword. Any bad or harmful thing you tell your man to do to someone can also be done to him.

Men and women have to work together to stay together and have a good life. The Bonnie and Clyde life you might think you like might end up being a death sentence because once you start shooting at folk, people will clap back and bust caps at you.

There’s no rush

I know women have strong emotions, but you can’t let your emotions cloud the facts.    

A strong woman will never be happy with a weak man, and vice versa.

The man you chose is not necessarily the man he will become. He is the man he is right now. If a man can’t change or control you, tell me, how can you manipulate him?

It takes time to tell what kind of partner you’re considering. You have to experience a man, or woman, in good times and bad, on regular days and on holidays, when the money is flowing and when the piggy bank is empty.

We need you

Black women, Black men can’t make it without you. We love you! If you run us away, who will kill the snakes and the bugs?

Brothers and sisters unite!

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