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Eighteen Democratic state attorneys general sent a  letter  to President Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas last week asking them to stop deporting Haitian immigrants living in squalor under the  International Bridge  in Del Rio, Texas.

In a rush to judgment, these law enforcement officials commended the administration for investigating the “inhumane tactics” of the  — since shown to be false — allegation that Border Patrol agents were “…apparently attempting to whip… Haitian immigrants.”

Nowhere in the letter did the attorneys general volunteer to accept hundreds or even a few thousand of the Haitians in their respective states!

The 18 who signed the letter included the attorneys general of Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont  and Washington — states without significant Black populations.

Asking Biden and Mayorkas to send a few thousand Black Haitians to their states would probably not be a political home run even in these Democratic-Progressive states!

The same applies to the attorneys general of Illinois, New York, California, Massachusetts, Michigan and Virginia, who also joined in the letter, although their states have higher percentages of Black Americans. 

Political hypocrites

Six of these attorneys general are Black — Kwame Raoul of Illinois, Aaron Ford of Nevada, Denise N. George of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Karl A. Racine of the District of Columbia, Letitia A. James of New York, and Keith Ellison of Minnesota.

If they would not request that Haitian immigrants be sent to their states, why should the others?

All 18 are political hypocrites. They used a tragic situation for political and public relations advantage.

Secretary Mayorkas has estimated that 12,000  Haitians have been released into the United States and that the number could grow.

The Biden administration had little difficulty making the 12,000 disappear from the refugee-like camp conditions under the bridge in Del Rio.

They deported some and sent thousands by bus and plane to places unknown around the country.

Why couldn’t they have sent a few thousand to the 18 states represented by those attorneys general?

That raises the question that the mainstream media and Republicans have not asked: To what cities and states were these 12,000 Haitians sent and why?

Were they sent to any of the states above or to predominately white states such as Idaho, North and South Dakota, Utah or Wyoming?

The race factor

Does racial make-up have any bearing on such decisions?

Biden’s mainstream media doesn’t seem to want to ask the secretary, White House press secretary Jen Psaki or the president — when he is allowed to take questions.

Hispanic illegal immigrants can easily assimilate into several states and cities. There are over 60 million  Hispanics in the country comprising 18% of the total population.

It won’t be that easy for Haitians. As of 2018, four metropolitan areas accounted for  73%  of the country’s Haitian population: Miami, New York, Boston and Orlando.

Although these attorneys general did not volunteer in their letter to have any of the latest group of Haitians sent to their states, they may have an opportunity to redeem themselves.

It has been reported  that thousands of Haitians are headed toward the U.S. southern border from South America. Let’s see how many of the 18 ask to have some of them be sent to their states.

These attorneys general, the Biden administration  and Democratic leaders have raised a very large “Come on in” sign to Haitian and other illegal immigrants.

They do not want them to see the fine print: “But not to our neighborhoods.”

Clarence V. McKee is a government, political and media relations consultant and president of McKee Communications, Inc., as well as a contributor. This article originally appeared on

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