Biden’s fighting the war on poverty with real dollars

Things are beginning to heat up for the local, state, and federal elections. In 2021 and 2022 the fight is and will be on for funding and volunteers.

The Black media will be extremely important as it educates, and enlighten the community on the candidates, and why they should support a particular candidate.

At the top of the list is Congresswoman Val Demings, who is running against Senator Marco Rubio for a State of Florida seat. This will be one of the most expensive and one of the most important races in 2022.

There are 2.2 million registered Blacks in the state, but 31% of all Black men are permanently disenfranchised and cannot vote.

There must be a major campaign to increase the registered Black and Hispanic communities to vote in 2021, and 2022. It is time for Black Americans, and Black immigrants from the Caribbean and Diaspora to work together with a coordinated plan.

The Black vote

Every election is extremely significant, and organization and working with the Black media will be essential for education.

The Black vote in Florida is extremely diversified, and 1 out of 5 Blacks in the state of Florida are immigrants. The I-4 corridor makes up 45% of the vote in Florida, and this is Congresswoman Demings home base, according to the Pew Research Center.

Winning the Senate race in Florida will be difficult for an African American woman with “Jim Crow 2.0,” which is an additional way to suppress the vote of people of color. Jim Crow 2.0 is an all-out assault on voter freedom and registration to limit the numbers of Blacks, and people of color that will vote in the next elections.

There must be town hall meetings with Democrats around the state to discuss the implications of this Republican plot/plan, so it is exposed.

Educated Black youth

Education is the key for building coalitions that cuts across demographics, ideologies, socio-economic status, and cultures. Our Black youth must become organized with the Black church- es across the state. The goal of the Republicans is to disenfranchise the Black community, and we must not let this happen.

It is never too early to organize and build coalitions with all the Black organizations, Black businesses, Black churches, the Black Media, colleges, youth, and senior groups.

There is a battle in American politics, and the Republicans are drawing a line in the sand, and they expect to win by disenfranchising voters of color, with a focus on the Black vote.

According to the University of South Florida's Susan A. MacManus's research 82% of registered Black voters in Florida are Democrats.  The Florida Democratic Party must invest at least $1 million in an ambitious initiative to register 500,000 new Black voters and get them to the polls.

There should also be an ambitious program by the Florida Democratic Party to invest $1 million to register 500,000 new Hispanics voters and get them to the poll.

Expanding our reach

“To me, it’s absolutely critical, not just to this election cycle but to the future of politics in the state of Florida, to get back into the business of engaging people where they live, talking to them outside the election and being in contact with them,” said Andrew Gillum, Ex-Democratic Florida Governor Candidate in 2018, and former mayor of Tallahassee.

“So, when we do reach out to them for their vote they are not saying, it’s been a long time, and why should we believe in you.”

In the last 10 years Florida Democrats have loss it’s 700,000 voter lead in the state. It is time for the Florida Democratic Party to invest money in registering new voters in the Black and Hispanic communities and spend money early with the Black and Hispanic media.

South Florida for the Black community remains one of the most important areas for connecting with unregistered and disenfranchised voters.

We must also work with the I-4 corridor with education and ensure they are excited and growing the numbers with the Black vote.

Voting and education is the lifeblood of the community, and the work is just starting. Building coalitions is the key for the Democrats winning in 2021 and 2022 elections in Florida.

Roger Caldwell, a community activist, author, journalist, radio host and CEO of On Point Media Group, lives in Orlando. Contact him at

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