‘Moscow Mitch’ McConnell must be stopped

The GOP is currently soul-searching. I’m not talking about their spiritual soul; I’m talking about their political soul.

The Gantt Report has a history with members of the Republican Party. I don’t need Arbitron or Nielsen media raters to tell me. Stevie Wonder can see that Republicans of all races, creeds and colors read The Gantt Report just like everyone else.

Can you imagine congressional Republicans donning their dusty cowboy boots and line-dancing all across the Capitol Rotunda to the sounds of Boys II Men’s “The End of the Road” or the Temptations’ “I’m Losing You?”

Right-wing death grip

Only about a third of Americans are diehard nationalists, supremacists and separatists. But the ultra-conservative rightwingers appear to have a death grip on most of America’s elected Republicans who sincerely feel they can’t even win a rat race without the blessings and support of the political Devil in-Chief, also known as the lying, losing former president of the United States.

Perpetuating The Big Lie about Joe Biden’s overwhelming victory in the 2020 election, disparaging democracy and disrupting governmental processes is just a taste of the poisonous beverage that Republicans are drinking.

Here’s some history

How long can this political madness go on? Not long! You see, America’s political parties have a history of going through changes.

For example, at one time in America, the Democrats that you love (called “Dixiecrats” back in the day)  insisted that full equality for their region, the South, required the government to acknowledge the legitimacy of slavery outside the South. The Southern demands also included a fugitive slave law to recapture runaway slaves; opening Kansas to slavery; forcing a pro slavery constitution on Kansas; acquiring Cuba (where slavery already existed) and accepting the Dred Scott decision of the Supreme Court.

I guess you could say back then Democrats acted like Republicans and Republicans acted like Democrats.

We’ve seen it before

The idea and the practice of politicians caring more about themselves and their reelections and less about the needs and wants of their constituents is nothing new. So sucking up to and bowing down to the worst president in American history is not at all surprising.

The Democrats can’t inform the people about a political dilemma. They can’t respond to political changes because the highly-paid Democratic consultants don’t have a true political message infrastructure. They can’t get information to voters and citizens in an accurate, professional and timely manner.

She told the truth

Anyway, the truth is an absolute defense. All Americans should be proud the Republican U.S. Representative Liz Cheney had the balls, so to speak, to stand up and tell the truth about the falling and failing of the world’s most recognized democracy.

As I’ve said before, political parties don’t deserve respect, Individual politicians do!

Most Republican souls are already lost. When the people get fed up, there is nothing the GOP –the Grand Old Puppets – can do about it!

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