‘Moscow Mitch’ McConnell must be stopped

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott recently got a lot of news coverage by the imperialist press after his response to President Joe Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress.

My ancestors were enslaved Africans in South Carolina and a lot of Gantts still live there. I’m somewhat concerned about how they are living and how Sen. Scott represents Blacks and other citizens.

To me, Tim Scott is a new neo-colonialist who performs like a government magician.

The GOP’s ‘boy’

Congressional Republicans felt like they hit a home run by letting Scott respond to Biden’s address. To the GOP, that continues to parrot the lying, losing Divider-in-Chief, Donald Trump, Scott, a Black man, did a great job of suggesting that exploited and oppressed Americans were discriminating against nationalists, supremacists, cross-burners and neo-Nazis.

Yes, the South Carolina senator insisted that victimized Blacks were akin to criminals, and non-Black criminals were victims.

Scott insisted that his little heart was hurt because one or more Blacks in Congress had referred to him as “Uncle Tim.”

Well, I know about “Uncle Tom” and Tim Scott is not an Uncle Tom because, in reality, Uncle Tom helped many Black people and Tim Scott prefers to assist the modern-day slave masters.

Let me explain

In Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” Uncle Tom refused to obey his slave master’s orders to beat and whip other enslaved people.

Unlike Tim Scott, Tom refused to rubber-stamp the crimes and misdeeds of his devilish slave master. Tim Scott will do and say anything that conservatives in Congress want him to say.

In my opinion, the ignorance of Tim Scott is appalling. Tim’s not like Tom. Tim Scott is more like “Sambo,” an enslaved overseer that beat Uncle Tom to death.

Sambo, like Tim Scott, only cared about himself. Both of these men loved their oppressors more than they loved themselves and their people.

So, Sen. Tim Scott should stop disrespecting Uncle Tom and stop misrepresenting the thoughts and feelings of Black men and women living in today’s America.

Toothless law

Tim Scott is in the middle of negotiations to pass, defeat or compromise on legislation that will address police murders and police misconduct.

Scott suggests that no matter what misconduct police officers are accused of or indicted for, the victims of police misconduct should not be permitted to sue cops. Instead, Scott says “sue governments” so taxpayer dollars could finance payment to police victims.

Paying for it anyway

Guess who has been paying the court costs of most cops taken to trial for police crimes? You have.

“Qualified immunity” has been a get-out-of-jail card for law enforcers for years. If you don’t know, qualified immunity came into being because the politicians you love agreed with police unions to make it happen.

Sen. Tim Scott deserves the respect that all U.S. senators get. However, he should be honest about his divisive and racist colleagues that continue to push the big lies about fakes, frauds and the satanic police actions that have been a longtime part of United States history.

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