The Prison Reform Project

A new movement called The Prison Reform Project has officially launched to help publicize and bring national attention to the thousands of innocent Black prisoners who have been wrongfully convicted.

Conviction statistics

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, Black men account for about 34% of the total male prison population, and many of them are in prison for petty crimes such as possession of marijuana which is now legal in most states.

Research also reveals that there is a 52 percent chance that a low-income Black man has been behind bars at one point during his life. Even worse, both Black men and women are more likely to be convicted for a crime that they didn't commit, serve more time in prison, and have a much harder time getting back on their feet when and if they are released back into society.

Push prison reform

The organization's founder and director, C. Beasley, who was wrongfully convicted himself and sentenced to prison for many years, says that his goal is to help as many inmates as possible to get the fair treatment and justice that they deserve.

 He also wants to help newly released prisoners who offer suffer from homelessness, joblessness, and mental health issues.

"Now that I myself am out of prison, I want to do as much as I possibly can to push our prison reform agenda," Beasley said. 

"We are just getting started and will soon be rolling out a lot of free community services to help this cause. Put simply, America's prison system does not rehabilitate people, and has been proven to destroy families."

For more details about The Prison Reform Project and/or to make a donation, visit

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