Ex-felon turns truth to power with debut book

Author Chance L. Boyd recently hosted family and friends at a book release event in Tampa.

TAMPA – Chance L. Boyd gives readers an intense glimpse into his life with the release of his debut book, “Cell To Success: A Journey of True Liberation.’’ The book offers 62 chapters of vivid imagery and addictive storytelling right out of the gate. 

The readers follow Boyd’s life as a child, discrete criminal, eventual prisoner and finally what he describes as a success.  While he understands the consequences of his actions, he doesn’t regret them. 

As he has said, “Potential wasn’t keeping my mama’s heat on; my hustle was!”

Boyd was the man of the house and ultimately succumbed to the pressures of society.  

The city of Detroit is home to Chance L. Boyd, where he was semi-raised by a single mother with his two older siblings. While his mother did the best that she could with what she had, it is Boyd’s sister and family members who stepped in to help. 

With an inconsistent father and the Motor City streets as his teacher, Boyd found himself quickly understanding the power of money, both good and bad.

“At an early age, I could definitely see that not having money resulting in my mom and I huddled up in one room trying to keep warm in the winter,” he said. “I also realized that money was the reason my mother and father were absent.  They were both chasing it – for two different reasons – but it was still the root.” 

Businessman, family man

After being released from an 11-year sentence in federal prison, Boyd vowed to define his own success and live life on his own terms.  That lead to blazing his entrepreneurial path, starting his own family and committing to helping others. 

He now owns a mobile detailing company, a publishing house and a custom apparel company.  He and his wife Keisha, have a son, Honor. 

“This life is one that I couldn’t imagine. God has blessed me immensely.  Success is not about money or material things. Success is a feeling and sense of self accomplishment.  I am very proud and wouldn’t change any part of my journey!”

For more information about the book,  www.powerintruthpublishing.com.

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