Popular Florida rapper Tom G debuts novel, unveils plans for film

Rapper Tom G has released a book titled “Process & Purpose: Lesson of an Underground Legend.”

Known for his hit, “City Boy Wit It,” 37-year-old Tampa rapper Thomas Godbolt, also known as Tom G, self-published his first book in June and is working on releasing a movie.

His debut book, “Process & Purpose: Lesson of an Underground Legend,” takes readers through the journey of his music career and encourages young entrepreneurs to keep pushing for success.

“I like to throw curve balls. I wanted to give the people something they wasn’t used to from me,” said Tom G, about his memoir. “It gives you a glimpse of the life of an in- dependent rap artist and the life of an independent businessman. It gives you an inside view of Tom G as a person.”

The first chapter is his favorite, where he discusses the first time he was arrested and the lessons he learned from the arrest.

“I wanted to give people a vivid picture of my journey from being a kid, growing up the way I did, coming up in the fashion that I did and getting into music and all of the things I went through,” Tom G said.

To inform fans about the release of his book, he has been posting on Instagram, hosting book signings in Tampa, and even bought a billboard ad.

“This is new for me because I never put a book out. All of the ways that you could promote, I’m going to do it,” Tom G said.

‘Underground legend’

The independent artist, who refers to himself as an “underground legend,” wrote the memoir in collaboration with writer Brian Hyppolite, a high school classmate. They began the project in fall 2020 and said it took more than seven months to write.

“I’m always looking to do something new to add to my portfolio. I want to be here in the flesh to tell the world my story,” the rapper said.

Tom G also released an audiobook, which he describes as a mixtape in book form.

“The audiobook is even doper than the regular book because it’s in my voice and I’m really telling the stories verbatim...,” Tom G said. “Also, I’m telling the story in a more vivid form and I’m using my slang words as if you were listening to my music.”

The father of five grew up in the Palm River area of Tampa, and said he witnessed numerous friends be incarcerated or die because of gun violence.

It was a process for him to avoid the same fate and become the businessman he is today, one who in 2019 made it all the way to the BET Awards stage to perform the “City Boy Wit It” remix with Lil Duval.

“People look at you in a different light once you reach that type of level. Once you get to that type of platform, it’s a different type of respect. Features went up…More people want me for appearances on their videos… I rub shoulders with bigger names now,” Tom G explained.

Steps to success

Inside the book, he spells out what he went through to achieve success, and success beyond the rap game. 

He has a chapter called “Dream Girl,” where he writes about his relationship with his wife that includes pictures of them when they first started dating.

“It’s not about how you look. It’s not about how you dress…when it comes to a dream girl it’s not about that. Dream girls help you achieve your dreams, and you help them achieve their dreams as well,” Tom G noted.

The book isn’t his only project. He’s directing an indie film related to a song he wrote about falling in love with a woman who attempts to set him up to get killed. The proposed killer is a man being released from prison with whom he had past disagreements.

“It’s crazy. It’s real scandalous,” Tom G said, referring to the movie.

He expects the film to be released in October and plans to host a red-carpet event at a theater for its debut weekend.

“It’s going to be one of the best indie films you’ve ever seen,” Tom G professed.

After the movie debut, he plans to submit it to film festivals. He is producing a soundtrack as well and expects it to have 14 songs. “I’m going to have the trilogy then. I’m going to have the book, the movie and the soundtrack,” Tom G said.

The rapper stays busy. He’s also going on tour with his book this fall and plans to have signings in all the major cities in Florida, including Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, as well as Atlanta, Birmingham and Savannah.

And he plans to release a podcast in 2022, interviewing stars who come to Tampa Bay.

His book, “Process & Purpose: Lesson of an Underground Legend,” is available on his website, tomg813.com.

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