Robert Runcie

Superintendent Robert Runcie listens to the public remarks during a Broward School Board meeting in Fort Lauderdale on April 27. He has resigned from the position he has held since 2011. MIKE STOCKER/SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL/TNS



Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie formally pleaded not guilty Wednesday, again asking a Broward judge to dismiss the perjury charge filed by a statewide grand jury.

In one of three documents filed by the defense Wednesday, Runcie said he is not guilty, demanded a jury trial and waived arraignment, eliminating the need for a May 12 hearing that had been scheduled.

A second document is a demand for discovery, a routine request for the state to turn over any documents or witness lists that will be used to prepare to prosecute Runcie.

Perjury charge

The third filing was a motion to dismiss the case, again a standard motion at the early stage of a criminal case.

Runcie is in the process of resigning from his job, with details to be mapped out at a Broward School Board meeting Thursday.

He’s charged with lying to a statewide grand jury about his preparation for his testimony, which allegedly included contacting witnesses in the criminal case against former Broward Schools Communications Chief Tony Hunter.

General counsel indicted

Also indicted is Barbara Myrick, Broward Schools general counsel, who is also in the process of resigning. Myrick is charged with leaking grand jury information.

Myrick has not filed her plea and is still scheduled for a court appearance May 12.

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