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Park & Praise events are being held around the state. PHOTO BY KIMBERLY JACKSON

Black-led organization launches Park & Praise, a faith-based nonpartisan effort to educate and turn out Black voters across Florida.


EATONVILLE– Equal Ground Education Fund (c3) and Equal Ground Action Fund (c4) have announced the launch of its education and turnout effort in Black communities across Florida. Florida is historically known for voter disenfranchisement creating a mistrust of the election process among Black voters, a challenge Equal Ground will target through its campaign.

Through Equal Ground’s innovative “Make A Plan to Vote” tool , organizers will conduct voter registration, education, and engage Floridians in ways to access their ballots through a vote by mail sign-up. The I-4 corridor is made up of a large, constantly growing and expanding population of Black voters that were the nexus for the 2016 Amendment 4 victory to re-enfranchise returning citizen voting rights.


The major component of Equal Ground’s new mission is to partner with faith-based leaders statewide to retool the extremely popular voter tradition of “Souls to the Polls” – to socially distanced “Park & Praise” events across the State of Florida.

In order to stay within CDC guidelines, attendees will be able to participate in Park & Praise from the comfort of their own vehicles by pulling in, dropping off their vote by mail ballot, and listening through speakers or transmitters on their car radio to hear from local faith, community leaders, gospel choirs, elected officials, musical entertainment and political candidates.

Black families, Black youth, returning citizens, and faith leaders will have the opportunity to address the economic, social, and political issues that have systemically plagued Black communities for years.

“We know residents are grappling with the safety measures needed to re-enter their communities due to the effects of Covid-19 and police brutality. It’s important to provide a safe, healthy space to engage our communities for the upcoming election” says Equal Ground Founder and Consulting Director Jasmine Burney-Clark.

Equal Ground is partnered with the following pastors in the statewide Park & Praise events:

  • October 24, 2020
  1. Bethel Community Church, Bishop Manuel Sykes
  2. Church of Everlasting Kingdom, Bishop Doral Pulley
  3. Bread of Life Christian Church, Pastor Robert Bradley
  • October 25, 2020
  1. Experience Christian Center, Bishop Derrick McRae
  2. Palm Beach County Clergy Association, Rev. Dr. JR Thicklin
  • November 1, 2020
  1. City of Refuge, FTL, Pastor Joel Wise
  2. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Reginald Gundy
  3. Deliverance Tabernacle Christian Center, Bishop Charles Young
  4. Tampa District AME, Pastor J.O. Williams
  5. Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. R.B. Holmes
  6. Greater New Macedonia, Pastor Alphonso Jackson
  7. Hope Fellowship Church, Pastor John Paul McGee

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