Dr. Carleah East

Dr. CarleahEast

Dr. Carleah East, a licensed from St. Petersburg, has released a new book, “The Hangover: Overcoming Emotional Addiction – 12 Steps for Emotional Sobriety.’’

Inspired by conquering her own challenges with abusive relationships and self-doubt, the author outlines a compelling self-help framework, with advice for creating transformational healing. “The Hangover’’ is considered an excellent resource for women’s empowerment and is available for purchase online at

This book defines an emotional addict as, “an individual who is addicted and emotionally attracted to the highs and lows of a relationship. When this happens, the emotional chemistry in the affected individual’s brain and receptors create an addiction, East stated. “As a result, the addict adjusts him or herself to a “roller coaster” of emotions and feelings,” she further notes.

The book takes the reader through the 12 steps of recognizing, dealing and healing from emotional addiction.

“You already know what didn’t work in your past relationships, now let’s understand why and how not to repeat the same nonsense. Having a sober heart and mind is the only way to really find happiness. Once this is a reality, intimacy and love won’t be far behind,” East added.

East is dedicated to empowering women of all backgrounds through The Sapphire Woman, an organization inspiring women to reclaim their power, embrace their truth, and design their destiny.

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