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The withdrawal of American troops from the country of Afghanistan will not stop the war there. Nor will it stop any war anywhere. The war of the worlds cannot and will not be stopped by the re-arrangement of soldiers and military resources. Every conflict is about land, money and power! The “war on poverty” is […]

Reports about African migrants dying to breathe free have become so normalized that they hardly register in public consciousness, let alone prick our collective conscience. From the BBC, May 10: “At least 65 migrants have died after their boat capsized in the Mediterranean off the coast of Tunisia…The incident is thought to be one of […]

The moral justice of the reparations proposition is unassailable.   African nations and economies were perverted and destroyed. Millions were murdered, and survivors driven to the coast for transport across oceans. They were worked to death, they were starved raped and abused. Their labor and loved ones and children were stolen from them and their […]

As Black History Month (BHM) 2019 begins, we might easily find ourselves simultaneously gratified, impressed, and nearly overwhelmed by the rich smorgasbord of programs and activities taking place in South Florida alone (diligently compiled by the Miami-Dade Office of Black Affairs and other sources). This reflects a rapidly-growing availability of previously lost and hidden information […]

This year, 2019 marks the 400th year since the Dutch ship White Lion arrived in Jamestown in the British colony that was to become the Commonwealth of Virginia with “20 and odd Negroes” from Africa. The arrival of these indentured enslaved Africans was the opening chapter in one of the most horrific events in human […]

Blacks, as a race of people, are the most resilient human beings on God’s earth. Starting in the 1500s, Europeans began the greatest holocaust known to history. The enslavement of Africans would last for over 350 years. Millions died within weeks during the passage across the Atlantic Ocean. Many women arrived pregnant from the rapes […]

This column was inspired by B. J. Turner from Athens, Georgia, and the love shown to a long-time Georgia freedom fighter. It’s February 2018 and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Take at least a minute, if possible, to appreciate your family member, friend or significant other on the day of desire! Many young […]

Africans unite! Now is the time for Black people and all people of color around the world to rise up and clap back at the modern-day wicked pharaoh! The United States commander-and-thief has proven beyond a doubt that he is an ignorant, decadent, degenerate, clueless and classless racist! He’s a fool Africa is the center of […]

The sale of African migrants at auctions in Libya has sparked outrage across the continent. A CNN report published earlier in November obtained footage of an auction, at which migrants stranded in the North African country were sold for as little as $400. According to Newsweek, “For thousands of migrants from across sub-Saharan Africa, Libya […]