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Our latest tryst in Afghanistan has lasted over 19 years.  It is long overdue for us to face one solid fact: No one conquers and rules Afghanistan. This area of the world is a continuous state of war, havoc and mass confusion. There is no one religion that rules, no conquering nation that remains, no […]

BY ROBYN DIXONLOS ANGELES TIMES/TNS Robert Mugabe, who as Zimbabwe’s first post-independence leader ruinously took his country down a path of economic and democratic destruction before being driven from power, has died, it was confirmed Friday. He was 95. One of the last of Africa’s “Big Men,” Mugabe died after an inglorious exit from leadership. […]

BY CHRISTOPHER BRENNAN NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/TNS The married leader of Britain’s right-wing UKIP announced that he has broken up with his activist girlfriend over racist text messages she sent about the country’s future princess. Henry Bolton, 54, said on BBC’s Radio 4 Monday morning that he had split with Jo Marney, the 25-year-old model […]

Fifteen Caribbean Community (“CARICOM”) governments are being strongly advised to get ready for the long haul in their continuing quest for reparations for slavery and native genocide from Britain, France, Spain and other European Union (EU) member-states. The governments of mainly former British and French colonies have characterized the 400 years of slavery and native […]

We can be sure that the British exit from the European Union represents a profound crisis for the global capitalist order. We know this because the Lords of Capital and their political minions and media all over the world are in panic over “Brexit.” The capitalist order is built on five centuries of European plunder, […]

As written online in the Daily Beast on Nov. 17: “No doubt Russia needed to retaliate after ISIS blew up a Russian plane, killing 224. No doubt France needed to do the same after ISIS terrorized Paris, killing 129. “The problem is that both Russia and France have retaliated in a manner that will do […]